The MASH Alumni Association 127th Annual Dinner Meeting was held Friday, June 9, 2023 at the Mechanicsburg Club. The dinner announced the 2023 student scholarship winners and honored the fifty-year class of 1973, as well as the the Classes of 1972 and 1971 whose recognition dinners were previously canceled.

dinnerPlanning has begun for the 128th Annual Dinner meeting to be held June 7, 2024. We will be honoring the 50-year class of 1974. The dinner will be open to all Mechanicsburg alumni, so come and toast your classmates, renew lost friendships, and invite your friends to join you to enjoy the fabulous ballroom!

Dinner reservations are required and will be accepted beginning in May 2024 following the annual newsletter mailing.


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2023 Annual Dinner 

2023 Annual Dinner Meeting Highlights 


Thank You
To our 2023 Event Sponsors for helping to preserve this annual tradition as well as keeping our alumni association thriving

Class of 2003
Cynthia Alleman
Donna Aulthouse Graham
Marian Basehore Eichinger
Donald Bogart
Addison Bowman
Tonya and Dirk Brown
Rickie & Robert Cook
Jean Failor Brookes
Scott Fenstermacher
Jeanne Fernbaugh Souder
Robert Fought
Fay Geegee
Brenda Harne Lowe
Debbie and Barry Heckard
Virginia Hollister Herring
Jill House Smith
Nancy Kapp Alleman
Dolores Kaufman Brandt
Carol Kertiss Haley
David Kurtz
Beverly & Ed Miller
Kyle Miller
Laura Moore
W. Michael Nailor
Jonathan Page
Cynthia Pennington Clippinger
Tracy Rohrbaugh Besselman
Dawn Root
David Rusenko
Elizabeth Sari Singer
Linda Scritchfield Willis
Patricia Snelbaker Emel
David Stahler
Darlene and Robert Stansfield
Crystal and Eric Strous
Gary Weber
Douglas Wentz
Deborah and William Wirth
Janet and John Wolfe