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A. Thomas McLellan '66
Outstanding Service in a Chosen Profession

A. Thomas McLellan (or Mac as he was known at MHS) graduated from Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School in 1966 and then from Colgate University in 1970 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also attended a visiting fellowship at Oxford University in England in 1971. Following a tour of duty in the United States Army 1972 - 1973, he went on to specialize in the field of psychology earning a Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College in 1976. From there went on to have an outstanding career as a professor, a world class career researcher, author, public speaker and ultimately an advisor to the President of the United States.

All of Tom McLellan’s professional career has been devoted to the study of alcohol and drug addiction. That career started and developed at the Coatesville and Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Centers – a 30 year period of service. While there he concurrently held academic positions in the psychiatry departments of Thomas Jefferson Medical College and particularly the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where he is now an emeritus Professor of Psychiatry.

Dr. McLellan’s addiction research began with the development of two important measures known as the “addiction severity index, (ASI)” and the “treatment services review (TSR),” both of which are internationally used (over 30 countries) to characterize the type and duration of problems presented by addicted patients. That research has led to over 450 published research articles and chapters on addiction; as well as accolades from many professional societies such as Lifetime Achievement Awards from the American, British, Chinese, Italian and French medical societies. His work was featured by newspapers like the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post; and he has appeared on TV programs such as 60 minutes, Good Morning America, CNN Situation Room, CBS World New Round-Up and over 30 National Public Radio programs.

An important change in Tom’s career began in 1992 when he found that his own son became addicted. He realized that his academic research had not prepared him for the intense family problems faced by addicted individuals and their families. He founded the Treatment Research Institute, a not-for-profit organization devoted to translating clinical and basic research into practical tools and support services that could be used by families; and into evidence-based policies that could be implemented by cities, states and countries to address addiction.

The practicality and policy relevance of his work caught the attention of then newly elected President Obama; and he asked Tom to become the Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. For the next two years Dr. McLellan was charged with the responsibility of advising the President and coordinating all federal drug interdiction, prevention and treatment efforts by writing the National Drug Control Strategy which remains in effect today.

Since leaving federal service in 2012 Tom returned to the University of Pennsylvania and the Treatment Research Institute, but retired from both in 2015 to Sarasota Florida where he lives with his wife Kerry. He remains active in the field however and recently served as the Senior Scientific Editor for the 2017 Surgeon General’s Report on Facing Addiction. Throughout his career, Tom (Mac) McLellan has worked tirelessly to learn and apply scientific knowledge into practical tools and policies to help those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction; their families and their communities. In short, he has helped create a better more helpful world.

Dr. Beth Musser grew up in Grantham, the daughter of Reverand
Arthur & Wilma Musser. Beth was a member of the graduating class
of 1962. She married James Lockerman and currently resides in
Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.
Her educational journey throughout life took her beyond her high
school diploma and is most impressive. She attended Messiah College
for a year and then transferred to Lycoming College where she earned
a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1966. That same year she began her
career as an elementary school teacher in Peters Township, PA.
Opportunity then took her to Morgantown, West Virginia where
she went on to work and earned a Master of Arts in Reading and
Language Arts from West Virginia University in 1970. After that
Musser became a graduate assistant at the University of Colorado and
did post graduate work at Ball State University in Higher Education.
In 1976 Musser became associated with West Liberty University
where she became a professor of education and a reading specialist
and Dean for the last nine years of her tenure there. During this
time, Beth was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Language
Communications from the University of Pittsburg in 1981. Dr. Musser
then went on to serve at West Liberty University as Director of
Student Teaching (1984-2000) and Professional Development
Schools Coordinator (2000-2009). Over several years she increased
collaboration from one school to all sixteen schools in Ohio County.
Dr. Musser was instrumental in creating the first Master’s program
at West Liberty University in 2008 and directed that program until
her retirement. She also directed a Master’s Degree collaborative
program with West Virginia University and Marshall University from
To say Dr. Musser has made an impact in her chosen profession
is an understatement. Because of her tireless efforts to improve
education wherever she has gone, she has earned numerous awards
throughout her life. For example,
• 1994 she earned the Exemplary Professor Award from West Liberty
• 1997, she received the West Virginia Reading Association Educator
of the Year Award
• 1997, she was a West Virginia Faculty Merit Professor of the Year
• 2005, she received the West Virginia University Alumni Award
Throughout her life, Dr. Musser has been a role model to others
in improving education. For this reason it gives the Mechanicsburg
Area High School Alumni Association great pleasure in inducting Dr.
Beth Musser into the Mechanicsburg Hall of Fame for her Outstanding
Service in a Chosen Profession